Your Burning Marketing Questions Answered Now

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Let’s talk about the most frequently asked questions in marketing. If you aren’t part of the industry, it’s likely difficult to understand what we do, why we do it, and how it gets done. Well, look no further because we have the answers to those burning questions and most of them aren’t as complicated as you may think. 

  1. What is content marketing? 

Content Marketing is strategic, focused on a specific audience. The goal is to provide relevant and valuable content to attract customers and drive profitable action. It’s supported by keywords and insights from research and reports. 

  1. Why would I want to educate customers and competition? 

There’s this stigma that if you dish out all your knowledge anyone could come through and re-create what you’re doing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If we didn’t share information with one another, the value of our work would quickly diminish. Educating viewers doesn’t jeopardize your business, it improves it. If people can trust you and learn something from you, they will support your business more than ever. 

  1. How much is it going to cost? 

This question is a problem in itself. We must shift our understanding of content marketing from an expense to an investment. Rather than asking how much you will spend, think about how much you will gain. 

  1. Where do you get your inspiration? 

Remember question 2…Inspiration comes from all around, but most frequently it’s other people that inspire us. We see what industry leaders are doing and then we make it our own. It’s also a constant trial and error process. When something isn’t working, we’re inspired to make it work. Inspiration can come from anywhere, as long as you’re constantly seeking to see it. 

  1. What metrics are most important to track?

It depends on your strategy and goals of your business. At It Media, we track a multitude of metrics but the two most important are engagement and conversions. By engagement we mean who interacts directly, who comments and shares. This helps provide insight into the type of audience that is interested in the content we share. Conversions are changing, they require some sort of action. By tracking them, we’re able to have a direct connection between a goal and its attainment. 

Keep asking questions and continue seeking answers. No one person knows everything and there are multiple answers to each question. Nothing we do is permanent and as technology changes, the content we create must pivot. If you’re looking for answers to more questions, check out our other blogs. Don’t worry, we will do this again so stay tuned and stay curious. 

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