Why 1 MEETING A WEEK Succeeds

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The problem

When you talk to top executives, there is a common consensus that they all express when it comes to time. Majority of their day is spent in meetings.

In recent months we have seen a world once reliant on conference tables and face to face meetings move completely online. This forced companies to sink or swim, and those that have continued treading water had to pivot their strategies.

With the use of zoom and other streaming platforms, we’ve been able to maintain contact to emulate meetings through screens. What has been brought to life however is the ability to continue workflow while limiting excessive meeting schedules.

As CEOs decrease the amount of time spent in meetings, they begin creating a more confident culture. Each employee will feel a greater sense of trust and responsibility.

The Solution

The value of meeting is unmatched. It’s necessary to ensure all teams are working with one another. Everyone within the company must be clear about the goals and responsibilities of the company. This is what meetings should be used for.

To limit meetings substantially, companies must rely on other applications to get the same information to those in need. Many meetings can be condensed to an email or loom video. If you’ve never used loom, prepare to unlock an entirely new communication system. By simply downloading the chrome extension, you can shoot video, share screens and send instruction with a few clips all from your desk.

At It Media, our collection of loom videos from each team member is used to answer questions, on board new members and review company expectations. This is a one stop shop that guides step by step and allows users to learn procedures in a way which best suits them.

The Outcome 

So how does it all come together? Well in short, say goodbye to morning meetings…every morning. Utilizing these other tools provides team members clearer understanding. It can be viewed again and again, without requiring multiple people’s time.

Rather than holding meetings to discuss minor daily necessities, weekly meetings become something your team looks forward to. A place to discuss big ideas, upcoming projects and personal achievements. Your team will be more engaged as meeting fatigue diminishes. They will share openly with more time to prepare and create between meetings.

Give it a try and utilize your time.

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