Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Facebook Ads

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How do FB ads work 

You’ve likely seen advertising on Facebook, but can you recognize what they are and why you see what you do. Facebook advertising has become a market all of its own, and a competitive one at that. 

Hi, we’re It Media and it’s our specialty. So let us give you some insight into how they work. Using Facebook advertising allows companies to target their ideal client, using research and logic to craft specific audiences. When you think your phone is listening to you… it’s just us, and we aren’t really listening.

Advertising on Facebook is all based on the information you’ve previously provided online. The things you interact with, your likes, comments, and posts all build your online profile. Then, advertising puts the products you want and need in front of you.

It sounds simple but there is a great amount of consumer understanding that goes into the whole process. 

Who needs them

You, your neighbor, and your dog. Not really, but utilizing Facebook is effective if that’s where your ideal client is hanging out. With so many users on Facebook, there is more than likely a place for you. If you’re a business or individual looking to promote your product or service then you need Facebook ads.

Since organic content often relies on those already interested in you, it is more difficult to capture new leads. With Facebook advertising though, you can specify your goals. It is the most targeted form of advertising available and successful use is sure to boost everything you’re already doing. 

You can eliminate those already engaged from seeing your ads and motivate those who have never seen you to interact time and time again. So if you need new clients, want to build brand awareness, or grow your business, Facebook advertising is for you and you and you. 

How much they cost

The amount of money you allocate towards Facebook ads is all up to you. The more you spend the more competitive you are and the likelihood of generating leads increases.

Facebook allows you to allocate a budget towards every ad you run. It also recommends what amount is necessary to effectively compete with others in your industry.  Many people become quickly frustrated when getting started in the ad space.

There are many minor details that can greatly impact the success of your efforts. We recommend not taking this challenge on without some professional help…don’t worry, we’re here. Utilizing our services will certainly drive your success, but with time and effort, you’re plenty capable. 


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