How Utilizing Time Management Is The Answer To Everything

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We All Have The Same 24 Hours

Have you ever wondered why it seems like some people are much more productive than others? Maybe not, but I certainly have. That is until I found out how to achieve maximum productivity. I’ve never been much of a planner and still refuse to plan every detail of my life because of my obsession with spontaneity. With that said, I promise that integrating the tips in this post will increase your productivity and leave you with more time to do the things you just couldn’t squeeze in before. 

Make a plan

You don’t have to be a planner to do this. You subconsciously attempt to achieve this already, but now is when you make it useful. Start by jotting down everything that comes to mind. Then choose your top 10 things you want to accomplish. Next, block out your time with these priorities at the forefront of your mind. Think of your tasks realistically. Don’t try to save time, that’s an impossible feat. Instead, make your time work for you. When you begin to block remember that your goal is to complete the task, and in the time you allotted. This takes practice, and your first go may leave you with unfinished business. But, if you stick with it, you will see improvements.

Follow through

The absolute worst thing you can do is set everything up and then not use it. By doing this you’re discouraging yourself and diminishing the process. Even when you don’t complete a task in the allotted time, note that and stay on schedule. This is the most important part of utilizing your time, but often the most difficult. For a moment, think of yourself as a customer, which you would never commit to and not follow through. Your time is the most valuable asset you possess and learning to use is vital for your success and well being.  

Celebrate small victories

Managing time is oh so frustrating. There are always unexpected time sweepers lurking. You can plan for these too and when you can’t, it’s ok! Let yourself have moments to reflect and reevaluate your plan. If something isn’t working, change it. There is no set way to schedule your time because life looks different for all of us. Create a plan that works best for you and celebrate when it’s working. Remember each completion builds on the next. Before you know it you’ll be a master of your time. 

Extra Tips 🙂

  • Don’t switch back and forth between tasks a.k.a. be a batch babe
  • Recognize when you avoid tasks… do it anyway
  • Create value for yourself in each hour

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