This might be the best way to fix social media

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Is social media stressing you out?
Check out the ultimate secret to changing that. 
There are so many different schools of thought about social media – but there’s one rule that is applicable to your social media, regardless of your industry. So how do you stand out?
The Secret to Social Media is Inbound Content.
We tend to over complicate social media. But the easiest philosophy to great content is this: use social media to educate and give value to your audience.
This is exactly what the inbound marketing methodology implies. Social media was created with the entire philosophy of building relationships with your audience – so if you’re constantly shoving your services down your clients throat or promoting yourself – you’ve missed the entire point. 
So what’s the key? Create a strategy that focuses on positioning yourself as the expert in your field, educates your ideal client on why YOU are the solution to their problem, and use social media as an extension of the best customer care. 
Here’s an example:
Your content should be branded toward your niche industry. This post is focused on educating business owners on the power of SEO – a service our company can help with, using a trendy and clear image that conveys the message in our caption. And even though we’re providing free knowledge – most busy business owners will quickly recognize the complexity of the services our agency provides, and hire us instead. 
It Media Digital Marketing
11:30 AM – Dec 31, 2019 Are you using negative keywords? To prevent the wrong audience from being directed towards your business, use negative keywords to filter out certain searches that are less relevant to your product. No need to target billiards players if you sell pools!
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So buckle up, and take the time to create an intentional social strategy that’s dedicated to serving your ideal customers and clients. 
Still hate social media?
It just happens to be one of the things we’re best at. Stop stressing out about what to post, save yourself hours of time, and let us take social media off your plate. 
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