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When you’re ready to hire + Who do you pick?

For some people writing a check is easy as riding a bike and for others, it’s as tough as pulling teeth. One isn’t necessarily better than the other but that doesn’t change your natural reaction when making major purchases. The biggest purchases you’ll be making when running a business are the investments you make back into your business.

If you’ve ever considered hiring an agency, you know there’s usually a hefty price tag attached. When you get a team of trained experts on your side, there’s a price to pay, but the reward is worth every penny if you chose correctly. There are likely some big questions you need to answer for yourself before committing to this type of investment. The first, “Am I Ready?” This question is critical in the process of looking for an agency.

So really, how do you know… Well, for starters, take an inner look at your business. Too often, business owners are so in their own business it becomes impossible to identify what’s working and what isn’t. If you can pinpoint exactly what problem you’re looking to solve, it will make your search for an agency much easier. With so many choices out there you really want to be able to name your problem upfront and ensure that whoever you’re hiring is able to provide some solution.

Next, look at your team. They may not be telling you directly, but if you’ve noticed decreased quality, extended time completing projects, or just an overall lack of enthusiasm, you may have an overworked team. The only way to combat this issue, before it becomes irreparable is to add more people. Surprisingly this doesn’t mean you have to hire new staff members. It’s likely that hiring an agency could provide the solutions you’re looking for.

If you’ve done your homework and reached a decision that it’s time to hire an agency, you may quickly become overwhelmed with the options available by a quick google search. This is where your precise understanding of your problem and the desired solution comes into play. Search for an agency that offers solutions to your specific problem. You’ll want a team that isn’t confined to one singular approach.

Once you’ve compiled some options it’s time to reach out. The more precise you can be in your conversations the better answers you will receive. This part of the process is really about you, how you feel in these conversations and it’s your responsibility to make a choice you can be secure in.

Whatever you do, don’t be fearful when this opportunity comes. Hiring an agency has the ability to launch your business to the next level. Be aware and do the hard work first, then let the relationships form and watch your business boom.

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