The Most Popular Apps Right Now Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It

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Where you are, effects what you are and this couldn’t be more true in marketing. While technology is necessary and provides us with incredible resources to reach our audience, it can often be overwhelming when we don’t know what’s hot. Although your targeted audience greatly effects where you put your effort, it’s important to know the platforms generating the most traffic and engagement. So here are the most popular apps right now and some more information about each of them. 

  1. YouTube – This shouldn’t come as a surprise. As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, video content is sweeping the web right now. YouTube provides a space to share all the videos you could imagine. Not only is it a hot spot for content, but it’s also becoming increasingly popular as a search engine. Rather than reading an article from google, people are drawn to a five-minute video explanation that presents answers with a hands-on feeling. YouTube channels range from reviews to entertainment and everything in between. It creates an added level of personability and seems to be attracting generations new and old. 
  2. Instagram – The app that is constantly updated, seemingly hitting all the marks of user desires. Since it’s start Instagram has become a force in itself. It provides both visual and written content, playing into every aspect of the human brain. There are several avenues to share content all on Instagram itself. Including a post, a story, or a reel. Whatever you want to share, Instagram provides an immense opportunity to be seen and heard. 
  3. TikTok – Fairly new to the scene, but claiming its power quickly. TikTok is attracting people in all demographics and geographics. Presenting short 15-60 second videos, often paired with music this is the perfect platform for a generation claimed by short attention spans. With much criticism since its start, there is a lot to be learned about TikTok, but nonetheless, it can not be ignored. 

The number of platforms capable of generating audiences small and large is overwhelming. Each is slightly different and requires much understanding of algorithms and structure. You don’t have to be on every app, but if you aren’t on any of the top three its time to start. These three platforms may be most popular today, but tomorrow they could all be gone. 

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