The impact social media has on YOUR brand

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5 Simple Steps To An Effective Social Media Strategy
Ready to get your business booming? Check out Carly’s top tips. 
No matter the size, social media is bound to influence the growth of your business. Social media is a place to explore, share and interact with your ideal clients. If you are feeling stuck with all that social media entails, follow these 5 simple steps. Let’s get your business rollin’!
1. Know Your Goals
Knowing your goals and aspirations for your business is essential for growth. These goals go beyond your business plan and extend to social media marketing as well.Through social media, what are you wanting to do? Create clear, measurable, and actionable goals that determine your objective. Are you using social media to stay in front of clients? Build a foundation to run ads? Write down your priorities, and determine a way to measure them.
2. Research Your Competiton
You’re running a business, not a hobby. Chances are if you don’t have competition now, you will soon. Do a little digging into businesses like yours and understand how you can stand out on social media. If you don’t have competition, research brands you’d like to emulate. Then, incorporate the attributes that set them apart in your content.Finally, incorporate unique characteristics special to YOUR brand. If you don’t know what those are, identify what makes you unique, and create content that stands out.
3. Have a Social Media Calander
You need an editorial calendar to plan consistent content. You can create a spreadsheet, pay for software, or hire an agency like us to help.A calendar is instrumental in keeping you organized and on track with your goals. Using software will allow you to also track the perfect times and day to post your content. Make sure to space out your posts and not overflow your followers with information. Have a variety of platforms to post on, but change your message for each platform.

4. Stay Social
Social Media is a two-way street. Your audience doesn’t want you to keep talking at them – they want you to listen. So, engage with customers to show you value them. Stay supporting your clients; like and share their posts. Make it a priority to show how much you care about them and their business.
5. Stick To What You Know
If you know you excel in a certain social media app, or a content creating app use them! Show off what you can do, surprise your clients, and create a brand for yourself or your company – or both. There’s no harm in trying something new, we actually hope you do! But, to get your business up and running, stick to what you know, create a consistent plan, then grow!
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