Proof That LINKEDIN INMAIL Is Exactly What You Are Looking For

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What is INMAIL

The ability to instantly connect with professionals around the world is an opportunity often taken for granted. 20 years ago the thought of this capability didn’t even exist. With the power of social media, this is now an everyday possibility.

LinkedIn InMail specifically provides access to unique services, making these connections easier than ever before. If you’ve ever connected with someone on LinkedIn and gotten a series of personalized messages in return, then you already know INMail.

So let’s break it down… InMail allows you to curate messages that build connections with those you may have never met before.

By consistently appearing in their inbox, the likelihood of them choosing to connect with you increases. As we each crave personal interaction and find ourselves navigating a global pandemic, the use of InMail is certain to provide this missing link of human connection. 

How Does It Help

InMail is successful because it’s automation. If you know anything about productivity then you know automating tasks is your best friend. Automating messages in LinkedIn is no different.

Rather than replying to every LinkedIn message individually, creating InMail cadence will save you time and hassle. Think of it as an automatic reply that you may set up if you go out of town. Rather than telling people you aren’t reachable, InMail makes you seem constantly available.

It builds your relationships without watching every single day. InMail also allows you the ability to track the engagement you’re receiving on messages. By accessing who opened and interacted with you, it becomes possible to re-target those most interested. As you build these professional relationships, InMail can become more personal and specific. 


How do you create it

So now that you know what it is and why you need it, it’s time to make it happen. To create an InMail cadence is simple. By using applications such as Dux-Soup, you’ll put together around 5-7 messages.

They are not meant to fill up an inbox; short, sweet and to the point will do. The goal is a clear CTA. The messages can range from a little about yourself, your company, and how you can help the person you’re reaching out to. These messages are personal, by adding names and specifying who they will be sent to.

The content within the message does not change. You may send the same message to a group of 300 people. An InMail cadence is not the end goal so don’t get bogged down when many don’t interact.

This is an opportunity to get your foot in the door. The rest is up to you. Will you continue to nurture the conversation and reach out to new prospects. 


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