Understand the Impact of Incorporating Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

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It’s Not as Scary as It Seems

In an age controlled by instant gratification and short attention spans, video content is EVERYTHING. With more adults using Youtube than Facebook, why aren’t you doing the same? It’s likely a simple answer, you’re scared. There’s no reason to let this stop you. Videos are highly engaging and they get pushed to the top of streams because of it. If you’re on social media, video marketing is your most powerful tool.

Incorporate Video in Marketing

You Don’t Need Fancy Equipment

This is such a common misconception. Many people believe that to create video content people desire to watch, it has to be shot on a fancy camera and edited with $$$ software. This could not be further from the truth. Most of us are carrying around the best cameras on the market and they double as a phone. Yes, that’s right, just start shooting with your mobile camera. Sure you can always upgrade but not wanting to invest in pricey equipment shouldn’t keep you from starting. There is typically editing software available on most laptop and desktop computers and if not there are many free resources to find online. Just use what you have and make it the best you can. 

Reuse Content and Keep It Simple

Entering a new channel of sharing provides the opportunity to repurpose other content you’ve already created. Take a blog post and make it a video by talking through the same information you wrote about. This gives your audience a chance to put a face with the words. Consumers can play this in the background and listen while completing other tasks. And we love nothing more than multitasking. You give viewers this opportunity and you reap the benefits. Your blog is competing a lot harder for views than your video will be, because the pool is smaller on Youtube, for example, as compared to Google. If you learn to keep things simple and reuse your content, this avenue of content becomes far less intimidating. 

Promote What You Create

Just like you would for any other content, once you create it, post it. You can promote your videos on other social networks that may already have engagement. This drives those same customers already interested in what you’re doing to your new endeavor. There will be new traffic as well but you don’t want to leave others out. Make a post all about your video quickly to trigger algorithms and push your video to the top of the search engine. You can directly link the video in a post, but make sure you have systems in place to track where your traffic is coming from. 

Think back to the first day you began using social channels to promote your business, then do it again. The difference now is you already have content you can use. You aren’t starting from scratch and you don’t have to allocate significant resources to get it done. With a strong brand message and some planning, the use of videos in your marketing plan will be simple and sweet. 

Video Content Examples

  • Facebook Live
  • IGTV
  • Instagram Live
  • Youtube

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