I never knew the impact not knowing my ideal client could have on me

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Who’s your ideal client?
Hint: not knowing the answer to this one question may cost you major 💵💵💵
You can’t market without knowing your audience.
I’ve seen it more times than I can count. More often than not, my first marketing consult with a prospect goes something like this. 
Ashley: “Hey there, I”m so excited to learn more about your business! Can you give me a little bit more info about your business, and who you want to reach?”
Prospect: “Actually, yes. I own a service-based businessand I want to get higher caliber clients.” 
Ashley: “Awesome. Who are you currently serving?”
Prospect: “Well, I work with a lot of moms, but I’m not attracting the clients I want to work with. I want to work with successful professionals. 
Ashley: “Got it. So who do you want to reach, and what are you doing now to get in front of them?”
Prospect: “Posting on Instagram.”
Ashley: “Okay. But is your ideal client, if you’re targeting successful professionals, spending time on Instagram? Or is that where the mom’s your currently serving are?”
Prospect: “Oh. I don’t know.”
Get crystal clear on who you’re talking to.
Here’s the point. You can’t effectively market your business without knowing the answer forward and backward to these two questions.

1. What do you do? I’m not just talking about your product or service here. I’m talking about the value you provide.For example, my services include Facebook advertising, social mediaemail marketing, web, training, and consulting.But what I really do is provide time back with your family, less stress knowing where your leads are coming from, and growth for your business.Your marketing message must reflect this.

2. Who do you serve? Be specific here. It’s crucial to come up with an intact plan of exactly who you’re targeting to craft your message effectively.I don’t just work with “business owners”. I help service-based business owners and senior marketing directors create and implement strategies to effectively reach their target audience. Be specific. 
Think your marketing is on point? This quiz will help you find out. I’ve got 2 minutes.
Feeling stuck?
We can help you identify your ideal audience, create funnels, and establish a strategy to attract the clients you want to work with. All you have to do is ask.
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