How to fix your 2020 marketing in less than 5 minutes

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Start your marketing off right in 2020!
We’ve compiled our 4 best tips to implement to get you started. 
Let’s face it – getting ready for the new year can be overwhelming – especially when you are growing your business. To make things extra simple, pick one of our tips to implement in 5 minutes or less. 
1. Provide value to your existing clients.
Which is easier – finding new leads, or upselling the loyal clients who you’ve already established credibility? The latter. The most important aspect of your marketing plan should be communicating with your current client base to increase loyalty, retention, and of course, referrals and new business. 
2. Be consistent.
Half of the time your problem is not your marketing – it’s that you’re not consistent enough. Sending one email over months likely will not result in sales, but sending one every week for 90 days will. Make a plan and stick to it. 
3. Invest in advertising.
The online space is getting noiser by the day, making the quickest way to grow and retain your client base switching to pay to play. If you haven’t invested in running ads, 2020 is the time. 
4. Choose a marketing automation tool
Work smarter, not harder they say – but we still can’t do it all. Make 2020 the year you invest in marketing automation tools, whether it be an email platform, CRM, or project management tool to save you hours of time in the long run. 
Still not sure what your next step is?
Feeling stuck in your marketing – or just sick of doing it yourself and want your time back? From paid ads, social media, email, blogging, CRM, web, and more, we’ve got you covered. Schedule your free 15 minute discovery call today.
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