How To Be Better At Combatting Burnout in less than 10 Minutes

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If you have yet to experience burnout personally, you’ve likely seen it or heard about it. This unfortunate reality can happen to anyone at any time. It often creeps up slowly as pressure builds from everyday life. More than ever we’re seeing the effects of burnout and the prominence of it in our society. Even young children are experiencing it and the surrounding times of 2020 are certainly no help. Luckily there is a multitude of warning signs and preventative steps that can begin to shine a light at the end of an often dark tunnel. What is burnout:Essentially burnout is exhaustion in every form. Mental, physical, and emotional fatigue. It can evolve from consistent stress to meet the demands of personal and professional life. Often scenarios that feel out of control, where there are unclear expectations, lack of support, or extreme activity followed by periods of quiescent. The reality of these experiences can manifest a multitude of warning signs. What You May Notice
  1. Decreased productivity – this includes difficulties in completing daily tasks, avoidance of getting started, and lack of satisfaction when completed. 
  2. Increased Exhaustion – When coffee just doesn’t work as it used to and every task seems like a burden. 
  3. Feeling Undervalued – Consistently experiencing a lack of support leads to questioning of value within your work.
What you can do:
  1. Track your productivity – Specifically now as situations are less than ideal the distractions of life are more prominent than ever. It seems we are everywhere at once and yet nowhere at all. The days blend together and the hours pass quickly. Hold yourself accountable as you complete tasks.
 Tip: Set a 25-minute timer and work on a task for the entire time. Follow the 25 minutes with a 5-minute break and repeat this process until completion. 
  1. Communicate your concern – It truly is amazing how often a lack of communication can cause a spiral of other issues. Be upfront about the challenges you face. Think of ways you can combat them and ask for the support you desire. 
The truth is that burnout is often caused by factors out of your control. The term itself is fairly new and there is limited understanding of its causes and outcomes. The one thing you can be sure of is that you aren’t helpless. The above-stated recommendations are limited but often overlooked. They prove as an excellent starting point if you are looking to be proactive over burnout but they are not a solution to the problem as a whole. Listen Up….These factors can lead to and be signs of real medical issues. If you feel as though you’ve experienced such please seek professional help. 

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