How I got 36 leads for less than $5 each

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Leads for Less than $5?
Here are the Facebook ad hacks that got me there.
I seriously can’t believe it – this month I got one of my clients 36 leads (and counting) at about $4.50 each. For every lead that purchases her course, she makes $997. So even if she only sells 5 courses, that’s still a 34% ROI just for 5 of those leads to purchase. 
I like those stats.
Facebook is now pay to play – and the cost is low.
If you are not running Facebook ads, it’s time you invest in a course to DIY, schedule an intensive, or hire an agency like us to help you out. 
Here’s the truth. Several years ago, it’s possible you could make sales left and right by just posting about your product on Facebook anymore. 
But social media content was lucrative because it was scarce. Now, it’s over saturated – but a necessary evil to stay in the game (& in the algorithm’s favor). 
So why the shift? After the data breach, Facebook began to emphasize authentic content and relationships like never before, penalizing business page posts in the algorithm so people could still see posts from their friends and family – the entire point of the social network.
The thing is though, Facebook still needed a way to make money while prioritizing relational content from profiles instead of business pages. This created an immense need for Facebook ads. 
Facebook Ads work, and are the key to grow your business.
All the changes in Facebook are exactly the reason why I began offering ads for service-based businesses in addition to offering organic social media. I’ve spent thousands learning from the people at the top of the industry to provide the best service. 
As I began offering this service with one of my clients, we’ve booked 30+ consultations and counting, with just one client that signs resulting in a $4,000 sale. And considering she’s a sales guru, I’d put my money on her to close quite a few of them.Want to know what else is crazy? Just signing one client will pay for her entire ad spend, and still give her an ROI. I’m telling you – Facebook ads WORK – and the time to act is now. 
Ready to learn how to run a successful campaign, or have an expert do it for you?
We like to think we’re the Facebook ads experts. Allow us to run successful lead gen campaigns for you, or let’s schedule an intensive so you can do it yourself.
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