GET CREATIVE IN UNINSPIRING TIMES An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

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Get creative in uninspiring times

Each of us finds creativity in different ways. Maybe from a book, a walk-in nature, or a great conversation. Up until this year if someone were to ask “where do you find inspiration?” Likely none of us would have said: “in my home office.”  Things have changed forever and for creatives, like ourselves, it’s been tough. With the challenges have come some amazing ideas, and we’re really seeing creativity like never before. So if you’re fighting to find your creative spark again, let us give you some ideas. 

Take a Step Back – At first, this seems like a step in the wrong direction. Our immediate response when we lack something is to dive deeper into that thing. Too often this causes us to become a bit clouded in our vision. If you’re able to step back and look at things from a different perspective, new and exciting ideas often present themselves. We aren’t encouraging you to step out of the space but just shift your focus. 

Ask Around – Many times our greatest ideas come from those around us. Although we can’t be together physically, there are so many ways we can continue to connect. One of the best things you can do for your creative self is to talk with others who inspire you. Whether strangers or your best friend, we all experience life differently. Simply reaching out and asking someone about their day, week or month can open our eyes to so many different perspectives. 

Start In Charge – We’ve all fallen into the trap (at least once) of waking up in response mode. Especially as we have all found ourselves spending most of our days in the same space. It’s difficult to create boundaries when the one’s we’ve always known are no longer available. We are trained to wake up and immediately respond. This could be checking emails, texts, social media etc. We all do it and we rarely even take time to recognize how it makes us feel. If we can focus on being in control the moment we wake up and choose to take a few moments to reflect rather than respond, creativity will find its way to you. 

We’re living through some pretty uninspiring times and we can all empathize that it’s difficult to see the end. But that’s not what we should be looking for anyways. We must continue to meet needs wherever they meet us. Although we may not be able to find inspiration in our favorite ways these days, that doesn’t mean there is any less of it. Step out, speak up, and stand out. We hope you’ve found some inspiration with us today and keep coming back for more. 

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