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Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Batching your time to give you some freedom

We all love the idea of the Holiday season. It’s around this time, as a new year approaches and we begin wrapping up all the previous year has brought. A time of excitement for many and often overwhelming for all. But what if we told you that you can take action right now to make this season one to relax and remember. 

Previously we’ve discussed the importance of batching your time and tasks. 

Well, we’re here to reiterate these steps and implement them into the busiest time of the year. 

What is batching? 

Put simply, batching is a way to organize your time and allow it to work for you instead of against you. These time management skills allow you to decrease distractions and maximize concentration. Many of us spend our days dictated by reactions i.e emails, phone calls. edits, meetings, texts, etc. These seemingly small tasks often knock us off track and end up consuming most of our time. When you batch work, these distractions are mitigated because you only complete tasks in their allotted time. 

How to batch? 

You batch tasks nearly the same way you would plan in a calendar…except batching goes a step further. Rather than just writing a list of things you need to do, when you batch, you assign each of those tasks a time frame. This takes some practice at first but the main thing to remember is that consistency is key. When a time period has ended, make note of it and move on. Yes, this means even if that specific task isn’t completed. 

If you’re unsure how to start, begin by setting 25-minute timers followed by 5-minute breaks. Of course, each task won’t take the exact same time however this will help you get into the habit of tracking your time. 

Should you use time batching? 

This is a question only you can answer because it requires you to be totally honest with yourself. However, here’s a little checklist to help you decide…

  • You struggle to focus on a single task 
  • You need to eliminate distractions to make progress
  • You complete similar tasks on a regular basis

Time batching can be beneficial to nearly everyone. Whether you use it in your personal or work life, scheduling your time will keep you accountable. Remember the goal of batching your time is to complete similar tasks together, keeping you on track with your ultimate goals. 

Your worth is not dependent on your productivity but if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list recently, consider implementing these above steps and keep chipping away at your goals. 

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