5 Steps to Create Engaging Social Media Content

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Though many deduce posting on social media to adding beautiful filters to images and using a hashtag or two, a strong social media content plan is much more.

Create great written copy

Excellent copywriting can make or break your social media content. Though writing captions doesn’t seem too challenging – writing with a specific brand voice to reach your target audience is not always an easy task. Choose the words you use wisely, and create written content that is direct and easily understood.

Add compelling visuals

Visual content is critical to a great social media strategy, even as a small business. Whether it be photo, video, or graphic content, choose one visual medium you can provide well, and ensure it aligns with the copy you create.

Tailor toward your audience

It can be hard to stand out online among all of the noise, so tailor your social media content toward your specific audience. Instead of trying to hit anyone and everyone, write in a way that targets the one person best suited toward your product or service, and focus on attracting them.

Be specific to your platform

Though scheduling one Instagram post to every other platform can be tempting, it’s important to recognize the rules native to the platform you choose to post on. For instance, LinkedIn content tends to be more professional, while Instagram serves a younger audience on an informal basis. Instead of bulk scheduling, create specific posts for each platform separately, or choose to use one well.

Focus on serving, not selling

No one prefers to be sold to, and today, consumers are faced with more purchasing options than ever before. Instead of constantly trying to sell to your audience, focus on serving them and educating them on your product instead. Prime them with written descriptions about your products and service, and when they’re ready to purchase, they’ll have everything they need to know at their disposal.

Ready to begin creating the perfect strategy, but need help coming up with social media content specific to your business? Reach out to our team at It Media to help.

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