4 questions answered about PPC

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PPC for Dummies
Are you running Pay Per Click campaigns, and are they actually working?
What’s pay per click advertising mean? Should I run Google Adwords campaigns for my business? How do I measure success? What keywords should I use?

These are all questions I get asked once a week. So here’s a quick breakdown of your top 4 questions answered – and if PPC is right for you.
What’s pay per click advertising really mean?
Pay per click is exactly as it sounds. You pay for clicks for an ad you run in the search engine and get a nice bill from Google anytime someone clicks your ad.
Example: If you run an ad with the keywords “houses for sale in Fishers”, you would pay each time someone clicked on your ad. Of course, this is whether they hired you or not. 
PPC allows you to rank for people searching for your product or service.
Should I run Google Adwords campaigns for my business?
Maybe. My clients hate this answer, but, it depends on your goal.
Here’s a piece of advice: never market something without knowing your end goal. 
Don’t assume you need to run ads because everyone is doing it. Decide on what your measure of success is, and then determine if ads are a fit.So, should you run ads? PPC  works well for…Brick and mortar, well known services (electrician, plumber, HVAC), established brands that people are looking for (Nike, Adidas.) If you don’t fall into these categories or understand PPC – don’t run ads. Facebook may be better for you. 
How do I measure success?
KPI’s, or key performance indicators, are important for any marketing goal. For pay per click, you measure success by evaluating:
1. CPC – Cost per click. This varies by industry, but your ads perform well if you get clicks at $1-$2. 
2. Conversion Rate. You can get all the clicks in the world, but if people aren’t buying from you, you have a hobby – not a business. Make sure you’re making sales. 
3.CPA – Cost per acquisition.  How much does it cost to get a lead, and how does this compare to other marketing channels? To know your success here, you need to understand what the lifetime value is of your customer.
What keywords should I use?
Keywords are the search queries people type in Google to search for you. For PPC, accurate and updated keywords are everything. This means performing keyword research and updating your campaigns. Determine keywords by thinking like your customer.
Search for the phrases your ideal client would search for. If your budget is low, choose words that are more specific with less competition. 
Want leads yesterday?
Don’t we all. Did everything I say make your head spin? If so, you need advertising help. Here’s the secret to lead gen.  You either have to have a rock-solid inbound & content strategy – or pay for advertising. So if you’re stuck, schedule your first consult. It’s free, and 15 minutes. If you care about growing your business, call me on your way to pick up your kids. 
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