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Instagram Touchpoints You Should Know About

It’s simple these days. Anyone and everyone is on Instagram. Truth is, there are a lot of poorly managed accounts out there and yours could be one of them. Luckily, you’re in the right place because we’re going to share the touchpoints you might be missing in your Instagram strategy. Take one or take them all, these tips are certain to make an impact on your social media reach. Want more followers or need more engagement, keep reading to find out how. 

There are a few simple changes you can make to really allow your Instagram to be seen the way it deserves. We all look at similar metrics when growing and managing social media. Some actions are more important depending on the business objectives, however, the following suggestions are a one size fits all approach. So here are some touchpoints you should focus on when growing your Instagram. 

Commenting – Being active in your comments is one of the most effective ways to grow your following. The more you engage, the more relevant you become. People will begin to trust and believe in you, your brand, and your products. Allocating just a few minutes a day to respond to those people who are attempting to connect with you goes a long way. 

Direct Messages – Dm’s have proven to be a massive necessity in customer care. Many companies are doing away with helplines and customer service sectors. It’s social media, public relations, and marketing pros who are now expected to fill this role. Gone are the days where you wait on hold for 30 minutes to get a question answered. It’s far more effective for consumers to shoot companies a DM and get answers in moments. Respond to your messages and manage them with intention. 

Polls + Stories – Maybe you’ve noticed the influx of stories on your social feed. We certainly have and there’s some real reason backing these efforts. People are ultimately after ease of access. Story’s and polls make it possible to both give and receive valuable information. By sharing others’ posts along with organic content you position your company as an expert and a collaborator. People find value in this content and it’s critical to continue providing it. 

Saves – We could have a debate all about this but tracking what posts people are saving on Instagram can give immense insight on what’s working in your strategy. Followers save posts to refer back to them over and over again. When someone saves your post, you’re now in a position to stay at the top of your mind. They will likely come back to see what else you have to share. A save on Instagram is like a download from your website. You can be confident that person is looking for the content you’re producing. 

You’ll hear a million recommendations on how to optimize your Instagram account. We have much more to share with you too. The ideas we’ve shared above are just the start. The algorithms are changing all the time so we must continue changing as well. We hope you take at least one of these touchpoints to really focus on. You can start growing your following right now. Make your Instagram stand out and create a space you love that is loved by others. 

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