4 Amazing Tools for Small Business Owners to Save Time

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*Note: Affiliate links to our favorite resource are included in this post.

Trying to run a small business can be overwhelming as is,. As a result, finding marketing tools to simplify and automate your business as much as possible can save you time, but also lead to an even greater customer experience. These four amazing marketing tools are essential to helping better manage your time, finances, and clients so that you can continue to grow and scale your business.

Project Management

Though many project management tools exist, Clickup is the most comprehensive. Think of this program as if your to-do lists, calendar, and Pinterest boards all come together to make an incredible resource that allowed you to schedule reminders and tasks, intuitively move them to days where you have more time, manage your clients, and your own elements of your business. No matter if you’re a visual, intuitive, or detail-oriented person, Clickup offers extensive features for any industry.

Accounting Software 

Let’s face it, businesses can’t survive without money. QuickBooks is the best tool to manage your finances. With options for just about any phase of your business, Quickbooks can be used for everything from invoicing, profit and loss statements, tax write offs, and more. Linking all of your accounts in once place, Quickbooks is the perfect way to know exactly what’s happening in your books, and can be integrated to many other applications as well.

CRM or Client Portal

Having a CRM (customer relationship management) software or client portal to better manage your clients allows you to run your business affectively. Our top pick after reviewing different CRM’s is Dubsado. Dubsado houses client contracts, proposals, packages, pricing, profit and loss, invoicing, scheduling, and project management features in one place. Within Dubsado, you can set up invoice reminders to your clients, capture leads, and create a clear customer journey from start to finish.

Email Service Provider

An email service provider is key to marketing to your current clients, re-engaging them, and continuing to nurture more prospects over time. We obsess over ActiveCampaign, which also doubles as a CRM, and offers so many helpful features. Some of ActiveCampaign’s capabilities include automated sequence setup with triggers, opt in forms, audience segmenting, sales deals, email templates, and even text message integration reminders for your clients. Additionally, if you’re running Facebook ads, we’ve found this provider to be the most compatible. For the price, features, and customer service, it’s tough to beat.

Our team spends time in these essential tools on a daily basis, and we hope they help you too. Got questions? Send us a message on best practices as you try them out!

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