3 website tricks you’re using from now on

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Our top 3 web tricks.
Is your website implementing them?
Having a swanky website used to be everything.
But in 2020, the digital landscape is continually evolving – your website isn’t as influential as it was 2 years ago.That being said, it’s still important to have an optimized website as a touch point for your clients. Here’s what you need to know.
1. Less is more.
Don’t spend a fortune on a new website with all sorts of bells and whistles. You need a website that addresses 4 simple questions: Who you serve. How you serve them. Your “secret sauce” that sets you apart. The next step you want your audience to take. That’s it. Don’t over complicate it.
2. Get social.
Keyword stuffing is dead – Google said it themselves. 
In other words – it no longer works to go into the back end of your website and stuff the same keyword you want to rank for over and over again.Do you know what does work?Social media. Spend more time driving traffic to your website through great content. It increases your SEO if you do it right.
3. Remove the barriers.
Stop overthinking the ways your client needs to get a hold of you. Always remember to KISS – keep it simple, sweetie đŸ˜‰Instead of creating all these fancy portals and landing pages, optimize your website for the actions you want your ideal client to take.
Need a new website?
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