3 things no one tells you about marketing

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3 Things They Don’t Tell you…
Digital marketing is constantly changing. Check out these well kept agency secrets to be successful this year.
Everyone has an opinion about digital marketing. But those who aren’t constantly immersed in online marketing education possess strategies that are falling by the wayside. Here are the secrets you need to know. 
Your website is important, but not as important as your overall online presence
Several years ago, your web presence was everything.
But today, the largest purpose web serves is as a home base for your clients to establish your credibility, with the primary goal of converting them to a paying client. 
Though websites used to be everything, they’re now considered to be a leg or an arm to the overall body of your marketing strategy. More or less, a website is a place to check off that you’re a credible business, but most clients will head over to Facebook or Google to get your contact information and read reviews. 
Moral of the story? You need an online presence on social media, email, and other platforms to build relationships with your clients. Which brings us to our next point…
Relational and personalized marketing is essential.
New businesses are beginning and thriving on a daily basis, and the online space is quickly becoming over saturated. As a result, standing out is a must.The best way to stand out and cut above the noise? Build relationships. The more specific and refined you are with your messaging and target audience, the more credibility and trust you’ll generate. 
There’s no such things as one size fits all marketing anymore.
Agencies used to package and resell the same marketing strategy over and over to business owners. And while some schools of thought are timeless, let’s be real here: the strategy that works for your company probably won’t serve your competitor.The fix? You have to have a strategic plan that is measurable with KPI’s (key performance indicators) that are pertinent to you – not the business next door.
Need help with marketing strategy?
We began offering marketing coaching in 2020 for the solopreneurs and self-starters that want to DIY there marketing – but are completely lost on what to do, in addition to our other agency services. Sound like you? Let’s chat. 
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